5 Steps To Surviving Burnout: A Filmmaker’s Road To Recovery


Creativity is a muscle, and we exercise that muscle every time we create. Just like any other muscle that you flex, it can get overworked, strained and you can experience muscle fatigue. For me burnout is when that creative muscle gives out. It can feel like you’ve pushed that creative muscle beyond the point of recovery. But, there IS recovery in burnout. Continue reading

A New Approach to an Old Dream

When I decided to become a film maker I was told the same things that everyone who says they want to be in entertainment is told: It’s not realistic. Now, needless to say because I’m here writing to you today about filmmaking, that I listened to them. I did however take in the fact that it would be extremely difficult to get started. What I didn’t account for is how it’s even MORE difficult to keep going!

Perseverance (per·se·ver·ance) must literally run through your veins from the moment you wake up until you go to sleep at night if you’d like to get anywhere close to the big screen.