I’ve Got A Story And I’ve Got A Camera…Now What?

At the age of 10 my mom placed a camera in my hand and since then it seems I haven’t put it down. It’s funny how we grow to be passionate about things that have always felt natural. Taking photos and shooting video has always been second nature for me. As I grew I realized there was power behind capturing images, people, and stories in a way that successfully shows another person exactly what you envisioned.

How much time do we spend expressing ourselves? How much time do we spend getting people to see our side of a story? As a filmmaker you have everything you need at your fingertips to literally show and tell others your thoughts exactly as you see them (or at least pretty damn close).

To me this feels like a super power, an ability… like Super man or Luke Cage. Something at some point in my life, just clicked inside and realized that this is a talent, a gift that must cultivated and shared. If you’re able to do it, be a story teller that is, then you have the responsibility to do it! I hope all my fellow filmmakers realize this skill and never take it for granted.


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